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- Director of Grainger Observatory, Phillips Exeter Academy. - Variable-star-crazed astronomer, but have done research in other areas. - Drummer, archer, pilot, chef, friend, pet owner, husband, father, Train-nut.

Eclipse Photography – Some Notes for the August Event!

Eclipses are exciting whether they be partial, total or annular. On August 21st of this year, the USA will have an awesome opportunity to see a total solar eclipse pass right across the entire country from Oregon to South Carolina.  … Continue reading

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SDSS BOSS Plate 6192

Thanks to the fine carpenters at the Academy, we now have our Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) plate mounted and hanging on my classroom wall. It has been encased in a wooden box filled with ornamental lights, giving it that … Continue reading

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That Funny Figure 8 Shape

We have come a long way since the days of photography with film (and YES I still use film when it is warranted)… digital cameras have made this particular project a lot less worrisome and a lot easier, though it … Continue reading

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Sun Dogs and Parhelic Circles!

We had some pretty spectacular atmospheric optical phenomena going on this afternoon. Just past noon here in Exeter, I received a text from a fellow science teacher (Scott Saltman) telling me to go out, look up, and bring a camera. … Continue reading

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San Pedro de Atacama and ALMA

Getting to the Atacama Large Millimeter/Sub-millimeter Array (ALMA) radio observatory is done via road. The nearest town with lodging is San Pedro de Atacama, a town of about 3900 people at an altitude of 2400m (7900 feet). Getting to San … Continue reading

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