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The Sun Acts Up: 4-September-2017

There are two massive sunspot groups (and a couple of smaller groups) visible today. This taken at 1434UT using a Nikon D810 and 500mm telephoto through Baader film.  Click image for full resolution.

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Safe Arrival in Casper, Wyoming

All, I am safely here at Casper, Wyoming, right on the line for the eclipse. We DID have rooms in the local motel (YAY!) and have been rambling through town a little to get oriented. The town is divided in … Continue reading

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Sun Dogs and Parhelic Circles!

We had some pretty spectacular atmospheric optical phenomena going on this afternoon. Just past noon here in Exeter, I received a text from a fellow science teacher (Scott Saltman) telling me to go out, look up, and bring a camera. … Continue reading

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Visit to AURA

Telescopes at Cerro Tololo Intercontinental Observatory are managed somewhere, and that location is in La Serena, Chile, the home of AURA, the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy. We were given a splendid tour of the facility: most informative. … Continue reading

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Daytime Occultation of Venus 7-December-2015

All images through 300mm lens untracked. Times are below each image in EST hhmmss.

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