A New Pen

Those who know me, know that I am quirky. I have some pretty wild hobbies, eclectic interests and a definitive knack for things both old and new. One of my quirks is that I hate modern technology when it comes to writing implements. I love fountain pens. I picked up a new Waterman, a lovely blue marbled, fine nib Phileas Blue. When it arrived, I was in bliss. It came with a refill and a standard plunger converter. Not having any new ink bottles floating around, I plugged in the provided refill cartridge and began to explore this pen’s theoretical wonderful heritage. I was hurt. With my emotions running high, I quickly discovered that this new pen was not able to cross a T to save its life. My thoughts were all over the map: “No Ts?”  “No negative signs?”  “ARRGHG!” etc.


Today I ran through the last of the blue ink in that cartridge, popped that plastic thing off and threw it away. By now, I had a new bottle of Waterman ink (GREEN!) and was ready to fill up the plunger and see if some more writing would clean up this mess… no T!  Arrggh!

FIRST, a cleaning. Two glasses filled with room temperature water. One glass had a drop of dish cleaning soap stirred in. For 20 some odd cycles, I sucked up soapy water then flushed it down the sink, watching that old blue ink drain away. Satisfied that the blue ink was gone, I then flushed the pen clean with the fresh water. No soap bubbles left, it was now time to dry it out and fill with fresh ink.

Happiness! Joy! Bliss! The pen now writes as smoothly as my old 1951 Conway Stewart 36 (green striped) with a lovely gold fine nib and my Waterman Expert (Dune red GT fine point). Now I can be ready with a pen for every mood and need: Black for notes and journals, green for the same, and red for grading. Bye bye ballpoints.

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