Angelfish Woes

A couple of weeks ago, my angelfish pair decided to spawn: lay and fertilize eggs, on a plant near the center of the aquarium. I left the eggs there for a couple of days to see which were fertilized. Most were, so I pulled the whole plant out and placed it into a smaller tank where they could be safe from parental (or other fish) interference. Those have since hatched, and is a whole other story.

I placed that same plant back into the adult angelfish tank yesterday morning. No sooner had I placed the plant back, than the angelfish decided to once again lay eggs on it! They were done with the process by 3pm. I was lucky to grab a video of it (my first Youtube video!) and have since determined the sex of each of the fish. The larger black striped angelfish is the female. The smaller gold reflective fish is the male. So, check it out, angelfish laying eggs….

The problem is what we observed this morning. The eggs are, well, gone. Someone ATE THEM, and it wasn’t me! Angelfish caviar? No thank you.

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