Astronomy in Chile Educator Ambassador Program Itinerary

Let the adventure begin! This is our itinerary for the upcoming ACEAP 2016 ambassadors as they make their way to Chile and explore the observatories located high in the Atacama.

  • June 10: Depart Boston and head to Houston then to Santiago, Chile.
  • June 11: Arrive Santiago.
  • June 12: Visit AUI Office of Chilean Affairs, NRAO-Chile.
  • June 13: Depart Santiago and fly to La Serena. Visit AURA Recinto. Visit Cerro Mayu Observatory.
  • June 14: Meet with Gemini Science Staff at AURA Recinto. Travel to Cerro Pachón. Travel to CTIO. Settle in a bit. Observing.
  • June 15: Meet with CTIO Science Staff. Observing.
  • June 16: Travel from CTIO to Airport in La Serena. Fly to Calama and drive to San Pedro.
  • June 17: Visit with students, teachers, administrators at San Pedro High School. Travel to Toconao School. Visit with students, teachers, administrators at Toconao School. Travel to ALMA OSF. Meet with ALMA staff.
  • June 18: Visit ALMA.
  • June 19: Travel to Calama, then fly to Santiago.
  • June 20: Visit the ALMA and ESO Headquarters in Santiago. Give public talks.
  • June 21: Depart Santiago for Houston.
  • June 22: Arrive Houston, depart and fly to Boston.

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- Director of Grainger Observatory, Phillips Exeter Academy. - Variable-star-crazed astronomer, but have done research in other areas. - Drummer, archer, pilot, chef, friend, pet owner, husband, father, Train-nut.
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