N-Sanity (Part II)

The N Scale layout has been getting some attention this summer during those rare rainy days. I figured that late nights and rainy days would be the perfect opportunity to do indoor workouts and then to put some cool details onto the track. There has been some pretty remarkable headway, so here is the news:

IMG_0288 IMG_0283 IMG_0285

Yes! You can see I have been adding trees to the scene. The family got wind that there are also such things as fall foliage, so that is the general direction it has since taken. Here you see the green trees going in.

IMG_0293 IMG_0292

For the switching yard, there is now a little Chessie Systems locomotive, there getting the job done right. Below you see the making of an N Scale gantry crane for the intermodal yard. I can tell you one thing: this model was tough! It has a lot of small parts, and now, being 46 and more myopic, tweezers and magnifying lenses were a huge help here. The original color of the crane was orange… not quite right given the typical ones are very dirty white or yellow. Out came my can of Piper Cub yellow and a dab of black to weather it. The result: a nice looking yard addition.

 IMG_0300IMG_0312 IMG_0311

You can also just see some of the autumn color showing itself in the above photo. The bottom left image shows the new station being built. That was the last structure for the layout, and will be a nice center piece for the arrival of the Super Chief or an Amtrak passenger service. Eventually I will get some more shots for you and place them here. Stay tuned!

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