Little Switzerland Gets Some Greenery


Little Switzerland (LS) is our HO layout in the basement. Yeah – I have two layouts, an N scale USA layout and an HO German/Swiss layout.  The LS trains all run on Marklin digital: many consists both passenger and freight, and mostly SBB. I have collected into the German realm as well with such classics as the 1970s TEE and the Rheingold trains. Up until this week, we had a few large board, a lot of track and a mountain. Well, this weekend greenery has been added along with some cool details around the Bonn Station replica.


Standard methodology was used: lay down a sloppy layer of the appropriately colored paint, sprinkle on grasses of typical colors and let it dry. Once dry, wet thoroughly with a spray of isopropyl alcohol and then spray with a 50:50 mix of white glue and water. I add a drop or two of dishwashing fluid to the glue and maybe a tablespoon of isopropyl as well to break down the surface tension. This allows the glue to flow a lot easier into the grass and rock.


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