Nikon MOV files into RegiStax

solDO you have a Nikon D7000 or similar camera that takes videos and saves them only as MOV files? Ever wondered how you can get those into RegiStax to perform some astronomical wonderment? There are a few ways to do this, but I fell upon one by accident today which I would like to share. I was poking around in Photoshop. There in an interesting menu option in there: Go to File, Export, Render Video… A small popup arrives which then allows you to export as a whole variety of potentials. I thought that AVI would work, but the image quality is, well, horrible. Then I noted that Photoshop allows an export as an image sequence. Choose JPG! Registax will open these just fine and allow you to align, stack and filter your images as a complete stack. Nifty! Here is a result from today’s shooting the Sun in preparation for the upcoming transit. This was taken through a Tak FSQ-106n prime focus with a Nikon D7000 in HD video.

solar scope setup

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  1. Greg Reed says:

    Works great!!!

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