Sirius A1V





Subject: SAO 151881: Sirius, type A1V or A0M depending on the source(!), magnitude -1.5, in Canis Major.
Telescope: Takahashi FSQ-106n at f/5
Mount: Losmandy G-11
Imager: Image 1: Starlight Xpress MX-5c
Image 2: ST-237a & Fiber Fed 300LPI grating spectrometer.
Image Details: The first image is a single ten second drifted (unguided) image of Sirius’ spectrum using the Rainbow Optics transmission grating threaded into the nosepiece of the MX-5c imager. MaxImDL was used to take the image and process the data. This is my second attempt at home-spectroscopy. The Balmer Hydrogen series is visible throughout. Calibration was done using VSpec software. The values are CCD image intensity vs. Angstroms. April 5, 2001.The second image is a 5 minute integration of Sirius using a fiber fed spectrometer and a 300LPI grating. Reduction was done using VSpec. This image has been correctly callibrated for spectral type. 12-February-2004.The third image was taken on 17-March-2005 using a grism on an ST-8XME NABG imager through a Tak FSQ-106n at f/5. The image has been frequency calibrated and corrected for instrumental response using VSpec software.