The Sun: various spectra


Subject: The Spectrum of our Sun
Telescope: None. The SGS was aimed out a window.
Mount: None
Imager: SBIG ST-7 NABG non-E
Image Details: This is a mosaic of two separate images taken through the SBIG SGS spectrograph. Each was a 10 second integration. No darks or flats were used. The images are basically raw with a slight linear stretch to bring out the details a bit. The mosaic was done in MaxImDL.



Subject: The Spectrum of our Sun from Violet to Infrared
Telescope: None: The fiber was aimed at blue sky.
Mount: n/a
Imager: SBIG ST-237a
Image Details: This is a series of high resolution spectra combined into a mosaic. The images were taken through an ST-237a imager attached to a reflection grating spectrometer with 1200 lpi grating. Major lines are marked along with their wavelengths in Angstroms. Each integration was 5 seconds duration and had a dark frame subtracted. 17-March-2005.

Line ID Element
K Ca Ionized Calcium
H Ca Ionized Calcium
h Hydrogen Delta
G Fe & Ca – CH Band
f H
e Fe
F Hydrogen Beta
b2-1 Mg Neutral Magnesium
E Fe Neutral Iron
D2-1 Na Neutral Sodium
a O2
C Hydrogen Alpha
B O2 Terrestrial Oxygen
A O2 Terrestrial Oxygen