About and Services

John A. Blackwell

Services Available:

Education: Lectures, presentations, workshops on the topics of:

  • CCD astronomy: Photometry, astrometry, multi-wavelength imaging.
  • Astronomical software design, development and testing.
  • Astronomical Spectroscopy: high and low resolution.
  • Research based science education.
  • Lectures on specialized astronomy/astrophysics topics to multiple audience levels.

Consultation on the topics of:

  • Observatory design, construction and automation.
  • Remote Observatory design, construction, control, and automation.
  • Telescope design, construction and use.

Contact us for information and pricing:

John Blackwell (W1JAB) via EMail: johnb@regulusastro.com
Susan Bielski (W1AMO) via EMail: sue@regulusastro.com

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