Sol: Our Sun’s Spectrum

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This is a series of high resolution spectra combined into a mosaic. The images were taken through an ST-237a imager attached to a reflection grating spectrometer with 1200 lpi grating. Major lines are marked along with their wavelengths in Angstroms. Each integration was 5 seconds duration and had a dark frame subtracted. 17-March-2005.

The spectrum below was taken with the Shelyak LISA spectrograph by aiming at blue sky. Processing was done in Demetra.

The spectrum of blue sky
The processed spectrum of blue sky all done in Demetra.
Subject: The Spectrum of our Sun from Violet to Infrared
Telescope: None: The fiber was aimed at blue sky.
Mount: n/a
Imager: SBIG ST-237a
Line ID Element
K Ca Ionized Calcium
H Ca Ionized Calcium
h Hydrogen Delta
G Fe & Ca – CH Band
f H
e Fe
F Hydrogen Beta
b2-1 Mg Neutral Magnesium
E Fe Neutral Iron
D2-1 Na Neutral Sodium
a O2
C Hydrogen Alpha
B O2 Terrestrial Oxygen
A O2 Terrestrial Oxygen

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