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August 30, 2017


HDR of Eclipse Totality

by John A. Blackwell

With some more time back at the regular computer, I have had the ability to merge some of the eclipse images together to make a solid HDR image of totality. This is what I call quite the Photoshop workout. This is a merge of 12 images ranging from innermost corona out to the outermost corona that did not wipe out the moon’s dark disk.  Some 20 hours went into this. The star to the lower left is Regulus in Leo.

2017-08-21 Eclipse

HDR of the 21 August 2017 solar eclipse.

With just a little more editing, the image can come out even better…..

2017-08-21 Eclipse Totality HDR refined.

2017-08-21 Eclipse Totality HDR refined.

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  1. Chris Harper
    Aug 30 2017

    John, this is a spectacular image! Congratulations. Quite the best I’ve seen.

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